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Self-paced online learningCustomer Service Global provides learner-centred, online courses in customer service at professional and management levels. The courses are rigorously based on national occupational standards in customer service, so they deliver everything you need to know, according to your role.

Self-paced, online learning

Our self-paced courses allow you to study entirely at your own speed. Progress through the course content by learning concepts and guide-lines, then pass the quick quizzes to progress to the next section. At the end of each module there is a multiple choice assessment. Scoring enough to demonstrate your learning allows you to open up the next module. Self-paced learning works because it helps you fit your personal development into your busy life, choosing where and when you study. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can learn!

Available courses

Customer Service Professional qualification

If you work with customers (or aspire to), take the Customer Service Professional qualification (available right now).  Don’t forget that “customers” includes internal customers – the colleagues that you interact with in your job – so this course is valuable for everyone! It’s a fact that no organisation can deliver excellent customer service unless and until it gets its internal customer service working well.

Learn how to deliver outstanding service for every customer, every time, by taking this exciting online course. The comprehensive and interactive learning content is complemented by relevant work-based activities, forum discussions and straightforward assessments.

Customer Service Manager qualification

If you’re a team leader or manager (or aspire to be), take the Customer Service Manager qualification (which releases on 1st May 2018).

The most successful organisations acknowledge the key importance of excellent customer service. Managers and team leaders, equipped with the right skills and understanding, can implement a culture of excellent customer service in an organisation, making a real difference for the business. Learn how to do it by taking this exciting online course.