Customer Service Manager

About this qualification

The most successful organisations acknowledge the key importance of excellent customer service. Managers and team leaders, equipped with the right skills and understanding, can implement a culture of excellent customer service in an organisation, making a real difference for the business. Learn how to do it by taking our exciting online course. You will gain a recognised qualification, and your Customer Service Global certificate is your guarantee of quality.

Customer valueBenefits for businesses

  • Build a customer-focused culture in your teams
  • Empower managers and team leaders to implement the customer service strategy
  • Spread consistent messages about service standards
  • Improve customer loyalty and employee performance
  • Interactive and motivational learning
  • Reduce training and development costs

Benefits for individuals

  • Empower your team to exceed customers’ expectations
  • Any time, any place learning – you just need access to the Internet
  • Apply your learning to improve relationships with customers
  • Straightforward multiple choice assessment for each module
  • Receive your own Customer Service Global certificate on successful completion of all the modules

Customer service ManagerLearning content

The course is delivered in 10 straightforward learning modules. Following module 1, the introduction, each module has activities and quizzes to check your understanding. You will maintain a learning log and action plan, enabling you to translate your learning into real, work-based improvements. The learning modules are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Managers and customer service excellence
  3. Setting and communicating objectives
  4. Putting the customer first
  5. Getting the right people and resources
  6. Creating the customer focused culture
  7. Dealing with difficult situations
  8. Making it happen
  9. Embedding innovation in your team
  10. Continuous professional development

Here is a course specification in pdf format: CSM specification

Who should take this course?

The Customer Service Manager qualification is an online qualification for all managers and team leaders with responsibility for delivering excellent standards of service. You will benefit, whether you are new to management, or are already an experienced manager.

Here is a course flyer in pdf format: CSM Flyer


This course releases on 1st May 2018. You can enrol by returning here on that day!